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Bankruptcy information

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With SKANDARAJAH sound experience in the legal and accountancy disciplines, we strive to provide our clients with timely and accurate legal and commercial guidance to manage legal risks, business r...

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Barristers in Singapore

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We take pride in making legal consulting accessible. We were set up to give every business access to commercial legal guidance - as it is the cornerstone for a business' sustainable competitive adva...

Immigration law firm offer Lawyers - Advocates

Immigration law firm

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Commissioning and Certification We offer commissioning services and we have an in-house Notary Public for notarization services. We also provide certification of truth for documents. Others ...

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Deed poll

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Once instructed, we spare no effort to do the necessary research and groundwork in order to convince the relevant authorities to not charge our clients. On many occasions, with the benefit of our ad...

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singapore cpf

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Criminal Law We have represented uniformed personnel, company directors, housewives and even students with their brush with the law. We encourage anyone facing a potential charge or prosecution ...

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lawyer directory

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It is common knowledge that the children are the worst-hit victims of a broken marriage. Ideally, it is best for parents to come to an agreement on the care and custody of their children when conte...

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cpf singapore

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Recently, our clients wishing to adopt a baby from Malaysia was faced with the task of obtaining a Letter of Support from the Malaysian Embassy. As the Letter of Support was in a new updated format...

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law firms in Singapore

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Adoption We have successfully assisted many couples to adopt local and overseas children. Our satisfied clients often refer us to their friends and family members. We know and understand that hi...

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Singapore lawyers

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Anyone coming for the free consultation can be assured that they will get personal attention and answers to all their legal queries sufficient to enable them to make an informed decision. We have s...

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Singapore law firms

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We have vast experience in litigating and settling personal injury claims arising from road accidents and workplace accidents. We help the injured to seek reasonable compensation from those respons...